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Our Vision

Fidelity Trading Development Ltd. established in 2011 (Formerly, Fidelity (Far East) Pty Ltd. Australia , est. 1996), incorporated to source and distributes a wide range of high quality environmentally friendly and health products from the globe. We provide products and services in cleaning, sanitizing, sterilizing, pest control, personal hygiene. 

Fidelity delivers comprehensive products and services to the retail industries, hospitality, healthcare, government and education, foodservice, food and beverage processing, college.


Fidelity Trading Development Ltd. committed to satisfy customers unique needs of environmentally friendly, health and safe household products of cleaning, sanitation and pest control solutions.

Fidelity Trading Development Ltd. is selected to be the authorized sole agent of Bio-X Water based Insecticide Surface Spray. Fidelity product categories are oil degreaser, disinfections powder/tablets, chlorine tablets, bathroom accessories, refreshing spray, cleaning detergents, photo-catalytic treated advance self-cleaning surgical face mask, protective hand spray, pet spray.

Bio-X Insecticide series we provide from the factory that incorporated to apply biotechnology to develop environmentally friendly crop protection and pest control products. It develops, manufactures and markets plant growth promoter and insecticides based on organic natural plants extracts such as pine and neem. We offer the best natural solutions that modern science can offer to help protect the environment.
We have range of commercial pesticide series help to combat pests, diseases and to stimulate plant growth and increase production yields. In the public health domain, it is also the natural solution to control flying and crawling insects which often transmit lift threatening diseases. For the general household application, Bio-X is the latest all-in-one water based formulation hand spray & aerosol spray that help to get rid of nuisance pests.

Service and technology for the detection, identification, elimination and prevention of pests in commercial facilities.

We have a large range of cleaning and sterilizing products available for customers to choose from, it helps to provide a safe and clean eco living for environmentally friendly concern customers. For further details, please browse the product pages.

Products and services including healthcare personnel hand wash, surgical scrubs, photo-catalytic treated advance self-cleaning surgical face mask, cleaning and disinfection products used in processing surgical instruments, and hard surface disinfection.

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