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Kills bacteria^ / viruses*
Insect Repellent

Bio-X Kleanze Air - Air Disinfectant Concentrate Solution (Lavender)




  • Kills >99.999% bacteria^, viruses*, anti-fungus

  • Water-based; non-poisonous; DEET free; Chlorine free; alcohol free

  • Experiments proved can kill coronavirus viruses+*

  • Botanical extracts; premium grade lavender oil

  • Dilute for humidifier use, consumes only $1 per hour

  • Please refer to dilution ratio emission rate table

  • Made in Singapore


Pre-sterilize before using elevator handrails and bank teller machines,
Protect yourself from bacteria and viruses.


- Shake well before dilution
- If using "
Bio-X Kleanze Air Humidifier" (20-30ml/Hour), recommended dilution ratio: Mix Bio-X® Kleanze Air with water at ratio of 1:15 (capacity of 1 cap full is approx. 5ml) Dilute the appropriate amount needed. Shake well and pour the mixture into the humidifier for usage *For other humidifiers, please refer to Dilution Ratio vs Humidifier Emission Rate table
- DO NOT keep the diluted mixture for more than 2 weeks

Diltion Ratio


Related Research Report

*Analytical Report: AAL20432, Eurofins Number: STULV20AA3702-1, Version: 2

*ANALABS Test Report: AC/MC/2544/22

Kleanze_ANALABS Test Report for Antibacterial Efficacy Test Staphylococcus Aureus 4 diff c

For more details, please call customer service hotline

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