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Bio-X Kleanze+ Multi-Functional Solution 5L




Model: FHK-0650

  • No dilution for use

  • Water based

  • Botanical Extracts

  • Non-Poisonous; DEET-Free; 
    Chlorine Free; Alcohol-Free

  • Experiments proved can kill coronavirus viruses+*

  • Made in Singapore

Kills bacteria^ & viruses*
Insect Repellent


Pre-sterilize before using elevator handrails and bank teller machines,Protect yourself from bacteria and viruses.

Pressing the Elevator Button

After going out then back home, you can spray Kleanze+ on the whole body for body disinfection before entering your house. Avoid bringing bacteria and viruses to your home.


Spray on the surface of clothes, furniture, etc. for disinfection purposes.

Women's Leather Bag

​Can be sprayed on clothes that are not cleaned daily, such as suits or jackets. Avoid viruses and bacteria stay in your home.

Suit Jackets

Use it anytime, anywhere,when you are at home, in the office, driving, out shopping or buying food.

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Related Research Report

*Analytical Report: AAL20432, Eurofins Number: STULV20AA3702-1, Version: 2

*ANALABS Test Report: AC/MC/2544/22

Kleanze_ANALABS Test Report for Antibacterial Efficacy Test Staphylococcus Aureus 4 diff c

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