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nanosol cc





  • Made in Japan nano scale titanium oxide dispersing liquid

  • Anti-virus, Disinfection

  • Anti-bacteria

  • Anti-allergens source (pollen / VOC)

  • Mildew proof

  • Deodorization

  • Made in Japan

The Power of Light

Clean the risk in environment

What is Photocatalyst?

Photocatalyst (titanium dioxide Tio2) produces catalytic degradation under the action of light. Reacts with oxygen (O2) and water (H2O) to generate O2- and OH , which can decomposes viruses, bacteria, and formaldehyde. Also achieve sterilization, virus removal, antibacterial, anti-allergic source (pollen / VOC), mildew resistance, deodorization physically .


Nanosol CC absorbs light from day light or indoor  lights, kills viruses, molds and bacteria attached by photocatalytic reactions, and breaks them down into safe H2O and non-toxiccarbon dioxide.


Contain only Water, Titanium oxide,

small amounts of ethanol

Safely for human & environment

After Nanosol cc absorbed indoor lights, a photocatalyst reaction is processed, which can kills viruses, floating mold, harmful bacteria, formaldehyde, VOC gas, etc., and breaks it down into H2O. Nanosol cc contains titanium dioxide with only 2-3 nanometers. The smaller the particles, the larger the surface area. As the area exposed to light increased. The photocatalytic reaction will be more effective. The effects of Nanosol cc can be sustained semi-permanently. And even when touched, it is harmless to humans and can be used safely in homes with children and pets.



Nanosol cc have two Features "immediate effect" and "persistence". Eliminate environment risks such as viruses and bacteria. Keep space clean with continuous sterilization and antibacterial effect. After spraying, nanosol cc can stay on the object for up to one year or more, but because it will be cleaned or wiped during the time, it is recommended to use it on furniture, doors, walls, beds, kitchen utensils, coats, shoes, etc. . If used on pets, the deodorizing effect can last for about a week.

Significant effect on viruses and bacteria.

Also for pollen and toxic gases too!

nanosol cc塗層-01.png
nanosol cc塗層-02.png

Decomposes and neutralizes viruses in the air. It also kills floating mold and bacteria.

Intense odors such as tobacco, odor etc. can be odorless by  Nanosol! It can lasts for a long time.

How to use & available area

nanosol cc塗層ENG-03.jpg
nanosol cc塗層ENG-04.jpg

Living area

Provide safety and comfortable living area

■Wall paper ​■Floor ■Curtain ■ Bed ■ Door handle

■Furniture ■Kitchen ■Toilet ■ Bathtub


Nanosol cc can be used outdoor to prevent yourself from allergens and viruses. Before you go out, simply spray nanosol cc to your skin and clothes, in order to break down pollen, PM2.5, etc.

■Clother ​■Both side of mask ■Personal items

Pet care

■Can be used for pet hygiene management and deodorization

Public Area

■Kindergartens, nursery ■School, office ■Clinic ■Restaurants ■In car

Living Room

Japanese ​User's comments

See how Japanese User use nanosol cc before go out :

*The strength of the effect varies drastically from person to person

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